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against Her Introvert Personality on Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.” Also, I want to Eleanor & Park / Rainbow Rowell ; [tradução Caio Pereira]. Às vezes, Park se. Download Fangirl book pdf by Rainbow Rowell A lot of free time spent in Cath is spent writing a fan fiction for a book series about a boy. RAINBOW ROWELL writes books. Sometimes she writes about adults ( Attachments and Landline). Sometimes she writes about teenagers (Eleanor & Park.

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From the award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Fangirl, Carry On, and Landline comes a hilarious and heartfelt novel about an office romance. Fangirl / Rainbow Rowell. — 1st ed. p. cm. ISBN (hardcover). ISBN (e-book). 1. Groupies—Fiction. 2. Landline by Rainbow Rowell Extract - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The captivating, quirky and heartwarming new.

Shelves: addictive , fiction , romantical , speculative , lgbtqia , books-about-writers , christmas , wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey , not-quite-five-stars-but-sooo-close Re-Read Review March 16, Still good, but not my fave of hers. Like, 4. All of the Rowells are Quality. I have no idea what to expect for the forthcoming Pumpkinheads, but I am nevertheless excited in my ignorance. This is definitely the most adult of her books, not a true romance, but a story of marriage and the hard work and heartb Re-Read Review March 16, Still good, but not my fave of hers. This is definitely the most adult of her books, not a true romance, but a story of marriage and the hard work and heartbreak that goes into it. Not being married, I can't relate specifically, but this book feels personal in that "I opened up a vein to write this" sort of way, and that gets to you as a reader. I still love the main conceit of this book, that inexplicable magical telephone that's never explained, but just descends into Georgie's life like judgment from on high: Talk to your husband. They stopped really talking to each long before we enter their lives, and it seems very fitting and circular story-wise that the main thrust of this book is Georgie talking herself back into her relationship by talking to Neil from the past, simultaneously convincing him in the past to do something she never knew she'd convinced him to do in the first place. Seth is gross and I don't like him. I bet she would be great at it.

She had smooth, auburn hair and an unlit cigarette in her mouth. The boy grabbed it and put it in his own mouth. Reagan nodded and fished in her purse for another cigarette. When the door shut behind them, she sat on the bare mattress that was apparently hers—feng shui was the least of her issues—and laid her head against the cinder block wall. She just needed to settle her nerves. To take the anxiety she felt like black static behind her eyes and an extra heart in her throat, and shove it all back down to her stomach where it be- longed—where she could at least tie it into a nice knot and work around it.

If Cath melted down, her dad would melt down. And if either of them melted down, Wren would act like they were do- ing it on purpose, just to ruin her perfect first day on campus. Her beautiful new adventure.

The two of them had shared a room for eighteen years, why stop now? Why would anybody smell like salad dressing? Sledding accident. They were nine, and Wren was on the front of the sled when it hit the tree. Cath had fallen off the back into the snow. Cath shook her head. And without a TV. Wren wandered over to the window. She and her room- mate—Courtney—had been talking for weeks. Courtney was from Omaha, too.

The two of them had already met and gone shopping for dorm-room stuff together. Cath had tagged along and tried not to pout while they picked out posters and matching desk lamps. She nodded. Second stop, pizza buffet. Third stop, my sad and empty nest. Courtney and I are going to the fresh- man barbecue tonight. Her dad smiled. You should go. Meet new people. Today I choose pizza buffet. Putting sheets on the bed and setting her new, ridiculously expensive textbooks out on the shelves over her new desk.

It was creepy. A few, like Cath, had come with their parents, but not many. The other guys my age at work are just starting to have kids.

You can start bringing home chicks now—the coast is clear. Cath shrugged. But she let it drop. She could tell by the way he kept tapping the table that he was already wearing thin.


Way too many normal-dad hours in a row. He smiled at her, apologetically, and put his hand in his lap.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell | Books

Big, hard day—I mean, I knew it would be. You know? He looked tired—and, yes, twitchy—but he was holding it together. Or maybe she was gone again; her boxes looked untouched.

A grape ew between her nose and the screen. Seth asked. Georgie lifted her head, looking at him properly for the rst time since she got to work. He was wearing a pink oxford with a green knit vest, and his hair was especially swoopy today. Seth looked like a handsome Kennedy cousin. Like one who didnt inherit the teeth. So what? So, howd it go? He meant with Neal. But he wouldnt say with Neal because thats how they all got by. There were rules. Georgie looked back down at her phone.

No missed calls. I told you itd be ne. Well, you were right. Im always right, Seth said. She could picture him, toolong legs kicked up, resting on the edge of their shared desk. You are very occasionally, eventually, partially right, she said, still ddling with her phone. Neal and the girls were probably already on their second ight by now. Theyd had a short layover in Denver. Georgie thought about sending them a textlove you guysand imagined it landing in Omaha before they did.

But Neal never sent text messages, so he never checked them; it was like texting a void. She put down the phone and pushed her glasses into her hair, trying to focus on her computer. She had a dozen new e-mails, all from Je German, the comedian who was the star of their show. Georgie would not miss Je German if this new deal went through.

She wouldnt miss his e-mails. Or his red ball cap. Or the way he made her rewrite entire episodes of Je d Up if he thought the actors who played his TV family were getting too many laughs. I cant take this. The door swung open, and Scotty slunk in. Scotty fell onto it sideways, holding his head. I cant. Im terrible with secrets. Good morning, Georgie said.

Scotty peeked through his ngers. Hey, Georgie. The girl out front said to tell you that your moms on the phone. Line two. Her name is Pamela.

My moms name is Dixie. No, the new PA, her name Georgie shook her head and reached for the black desk phone that sat between her and Seth. This is Georgie. Her mom sighed. Ive been on hold so long, I thought that girl forgot about me. Whats up? I just called to see how you were doing. Her mom sounded concerned. Her mom liked to sound concerned.

Im ne, Georgie said. Another sigh. A fortied sigh. I talked to Neal this morning. Howd you manage that?

[FREE eBook] Landline by Rainbow Rowell [PDF/ePUB]

I set my alarm. I knew you guys were leaving earlyI wanted to say good-bye. Her mom always made a big deal about plane trips.

And minor surgery. And sometimes just getting o the phone. You never know when its going to be the last time you see somebody, and you dont want to miss your chance to say good-bye.

Georgie propped the phone between her ear and shoulder, so she could type. That was nice of you. Did you get to talk to the girls? I talked to Neal, her mom said again. For emphasis. He told me you guys are spending some time apart. Mom, Georgie said, bringing her hand back to the receiver. Only the week. He said you were splitting up for Christmas. Not like thatwhyre you making it sound like that? Something just came up for me at work.

Youve never had to work on Christmas before. I dont have to work on Christmas. I have to work around Christmas. Its complicated. Georgie resisted checking to see if Seth was listening. It was my decision. You decided to be alone on Christmas. I wont be alone. Ill be with you. But, honey, were spending the day with Kendricks familyI told you thatand your sisters going to her dads. I mean, youre welcome to come to San Diego with us Never mind, Ill gure it out. Georgie glanced around the room.

Seth was throwing grapes in the air and catching them in his mouth. Scotty was sprawled out miserably, like he had menstrual cramps.

I have to get back to work. Well, come over tonight, her mom said. Ill make dinner. Im ne, Mom, really. Come over, Georgie. You shouldnt be alone right now. Theres no right now, Mom. Im ne. Not yet. Ill make dinner come. She hung up before Georgie could argue any more. Georgie sighed and rubbed her eyes.

Her eyelids felt greasy. Her hands smelled like coee. I cant do this, Scotty moaned. Everyone can tell I have a secret. Seth glanced up at the doorit was closed. As long as they dont know what the secret is I dont like it, Scotty said.

Rainbow Rowell

I feel like such a traitor. Im Lando on Cloud City. Im that guy who kissed Jesus. Georgie wondered if any of the other writers actually did suspect something. Probably not. Georgie and Seths contract was up soon, but everybody assumed they were staying. Why would they leave Je d Up after nally dragging it into the top ten? If they stayed, theyd get raises. Giant, life- changing raises. The sort of money that made Seths eyeballs pop out like Scrooge McDuck whenever he talked about it.

But if they left Theyd only leave Je d Up now for one reason. To start their own show. The show Georgie and Seth had been dreaming about practically since they mettheyd written the rst draft of the pilot together when they were still in college. Their own show, their own characters. No more Je German. No more catchphrases.

No more laugh track.

Theyd take Scotty with them if they left. When they left, Seth would say. When, when, when. Scotty was theirs; Georgie had hired him two shows back, and he was the best gag writer theyd worked with. Seth and Georgie were better at writing situations.

Weirdness that twisted into more weirdness, jokes that built and built, and nally paid o big after eight episodes. But sometimes you just needed somebody to slip on a banana peel. Scotty never ran out of banana peels.

Nobody knows you have a secret, Seth told him. Nobody cares. Theyre all just trying to get their shit done so they can get out of here for Christmas. So whats the plan, then? Scotty propped himself up in the chair.

LANDLINE15 He was a smallish Indian guy, with shaggy hair and glasses, and he dressed like almost everybody else on the writing stain jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and stupid-looking ip-ops. Scotty was the only gay person on their sta.

Sometimes people thought Seth was gay, but he wasnt. Just pretty. Seth threw a grape at Scotty. Then another one at Georgie. She ducked. The plan, Seth said, is we come in tomorrow as usual, and we write. And then we write some more. Scotty picked his grape up o the oor and ate it. I just hate to abandon everybody. Why do we always move as soon as I make friends? He shifted to sulk in Georgies direction.

Are you okay? You look weird. Georgie realized she was staring. And not at either of them. Yeah, she said. She picked up her phone again and thumbed out a text. Maybe she should have talked to Neal this morning before he left. Really talked to him. Made sure everything was okay. But by the time Neals alarm went o at four thirty, he was already out of bed and mostly dressed. Neal still used an old Dream Machine clock radio, and when he came over to the bed to turn it o, he told Georgie to go back to sleep.

Youll be a wreck later, he said when she sat up anyway. Like Georgie was going to sleep through telling the girls goodbye. Like they werent all going to be apart for a week.

Like it wasnt Christmas. She reached for the pair of glasses hooked over their headboard and put them on. Im taking you to the airport, she said. Neal was standing outside his closet with his back to her, pulling a blue sweater down over his shoulders.

I already called for a car. Maybe Georgie should have argued then. Instead she got up and tried to help with the girls. There wasnt much to do. Neal had put them to bed in sweatpants.

But Georgie wanted to talk to them, and anyway, Alice woke up while Georgie was trying to slide on her pink Mary Janes.

Daddy said I could wear my boots, Alice croaked. Where are they? Georgie whispered. Daddy knows. They woke Noomi up, looking for them. Then Noomi wanted her boots. Then Georgie oered to get them yogurt, but Neal said theyd eat at the airport; hed packed snacks.

He let Georgie explain why she wasnt getting on the plane with themAre you driving instead? Alice askedwhile he ran up and down the stairs, and in and out the front door, double-checking things and rounding up bags.

Georgie tried to tell the girls that theyd be having such a good time, theyd hardly miss herand that theyd all celebrate together next week. Well have two Christmases, Georgie said. I dont think thats actually possible, Alice argued. Noomi started crying because her sock was turned the wrong way around her toes. Georgie couldnt tell if she wanted it seam-on-thebottom or seam-on-top. Neal came in from the garage and whipped o Noomis boot to x it.

Cars here, he said. It was a minivan. Georgie herded the girls out the door, then knelt down next to the curb in her pajama pants, kissing both their faces all over and trying to act like saying good-bye to them wasnt that big of a deal. Youre the best mommy in the world, Noomi said. Everything was the best and the worst with Noomi. Everything was never and always.

And you are the best four-year-old girl in the world, Georgie said, smashing her nose with a kiss. Kitty, Noomi said. She was still tearful from the sock problem. You are the best kitty in the world. Georgie tucked Noomis wispy yellow-brown hair behind her ears and pulled her T-shirt smooth over her belly. The best green kitty. Meow, Noomi said. Meow, Georgie answered. Alice asked. Georgie pulled the seven-year-old closerHere, give me all your hugsbut Alice was too busy thinking to hug back.

If Santa brings your presents to Grandmas house, Ill save them for you. Ill put them in my suitcase. Santa doesnt usually bring Mommy presents. Well, but if he does Okay, Georgie agreed, holding Alice in her left arm and scooping Noomi close with her right, if he brings me presents, you take care of them for me. Mommy, meow! Meow, Georgie said, squeezing them both. Yes, Alice. The true meaning of Christmas isnt presents anyway, its Jesus. But not for us, because were not religious.

The true meaning of Christmas for us is just family. Georgie kissed her cheek. Thats true. I love you. I love you both so much. To the moon and back? Oh my God, Georgie said, so much farther.

To the moon and back innity? Meow, Georgie said. Innity times innity. I love you so much, it hurts. Noomis face fell. It hurts? She doesnt mean it literally, Alice said. Right, Mom?

Masa aktif akun hosting gratis hampir habis.

Not literally? Neal stepped forward. Time to catch a plane. Georgie stole half a dozen more kisses while she buckled the girls. Neal stepped up to her and looked over her shoulder, like he was thinking. We land at ve, he said, Central time. So itll be around three here Ill call you when we get to my moms.

Georgie nodded, but he still wasnt looking at her. Be safe, she said. He checked his watch. Well be ne dont worry about us. Just do what you have to do. Rock your meeting.